Dog Charities

American Dog Charities

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded to fight for animals to be entitled to respect and kindness from humans, and that they should have the protection of law. It states it’s mission as, ‘to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States..

The American Dog Rescue Foundation

The American Dog Rescue Foundation focuses on issues both in America and abroad. It concentrates on: creating and retaining animal shelters, rescuing abandoned animals, funding for animals in need, closing down puppy mills, saving inhumane practices on seals and saving animals from abandonment by the circus – amongst many other things.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

For over 30 years, the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary has been taking in animals that shelters would have killed because there was no more room for them. It began as a small group of friends, that has now developed into a nonprofit organization and animal welfare society.

Hope for Paws

Hope for Paws rescue dogs, cats and other animals that have gone through suffering on the streets, or have been neglected.

Lucky Dog Animal Rescue

A volunteer nonprofit that dedicates their time to rescuing homeless, neglected, and abandoned animals. These animals would have likely faced euthanasia without their great work. They also educate communities and pet owners about their responsibility to animals.

The Mill Dog Rescue

The Mill Dog Rescue aim to educate people about the commercial dog industry and the cruelties that go on. They and rehome dogs that have been used for breeding and are now no longer wanted.

Rescue Dogs Rock

Rescue Dogs Rock was founded in 2015 as a not for profit animal rescue. Their aim is to raise awareness of the increasing amount of homeless animals within America. By introducing these animals to the public they want to educate people that these animals are not broken or a threat – they can make great family pets.



Dog Charities in the UK

The Blue Cross

A registered charity, that provides many services in aid of animals. These include rehoming; animal hospitals and clinics to treat sick and injured pets; education for pet owners and workshops.

The Dogs Trust

The Dogs trust rehome dogs that have been neglected and abandoned, provide help and advice to owners who need it, and put on events to support and sponsor dogs.


Battersea has been around since 1860 and believes every dog and cat deserves the best. They will help every dog and cat that is in need, of all ages, from puppy to old boy.


The RSPCA is the older welfare charity around. They were the organisations that put forward the first law to protect animals. They work tirelessly to make sure all animals can live a life without pain and suffering.

All Dogs Matter

Based within London and the home counties, All Dogs Matter has a passionate team that works with local authorities to rescue and rehome abandoned dogs.

Wood Green Animals Charity

Back in 1924, The Animals Charity was formed in Wood Green. Over the years it has become a leading animal welfare organisation in the UK. They provide help and support to both people and their pets by rehoming and providing education.

Assistance Dogs UK

Made up of eight assistance dog charities, they help over 7,000 people with disabilities. These people rely on assistance dogs to complete practical tasks, the dogs also give them emotional support and independence.