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This page is where you will be able to find links to dog training & caring information, our featured dog breed sections, as well as information on dog charities and associations.

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Dog Training & Caring Information

Dog Training Tips

If you’d like to learn some great dog training tips, follow the link above to read the best way to train your dog.

Dietary Requirements for Large Dog Breeds

What you feed your dog is extremely important, making sure the nutritional requirements are met is one of the keys to keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Dog Associations

If you’d like to learn more about the different dog associations that work so selflessly to improve the lives of dogs and people, you can see a list of them here.

Dog Charities

For a list of dog charities that to amazing work, follow this link here.

Featured Dog Breeds

The Russian Bear Dog

A huge, fearless and intelligent breed that demands the respect of the owner. In return giving loyalty, love and protection. Learn more about the Russian Bear Dog here